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2005, Rocky Mountain Composites, Inc.

Master Models  
In the fall of 1997, RMC added an overhead gantry milling machine to their capabilites in the composites industry. This unique computer controlled machining center gives more options in model making, tools routing, trimming and shaping.
The gantry is driven by a combination of brushless AC servo motors and ball screws. Their motion is controlled by the latest software to assure accuracy, reliability, and speed. The software and axes of motion allow for 2D and 3D templates, patterns, and parts.


Data Capabilities:

         CAD CAM
         IGES Files
         DXF Files
         Auto Cad
         CAT Data


In addition to the gantry, RMC operates a well equipped machine shop which provides not only hard and soft tooling support but, also production parts and fittings. This capability allows for a more aggressive flow from concept to prototyping to production.